Mark Morgan


This website includes images from photography trips to Colorado, Tennessee, the Oklahoma City Zoo, and even just around my own city and home.


I was born and raised in Oklahoma and currently live in Stillwater, where I graduated from Oklahoma State University in 1994 with a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. I enjoy computer programming, computer games, photography, movies, music, math, and graphic design. I’m a philosophical thinker and problem solver. In my spare time I enjoy tutoring kids in computer programming using Python.


I currently work for Oklahoma State University as a Sr. Systems Administrator where I manage several physical and virtual Linux servers hosting websites for the College of Arts & Sciences. One of my other responsibilities is one-on-one training, showing faculty, staff, and students how to manage and edit their websites.

I spent the first 18 years of my career as a computer programmer and one-man I.T. shop for Cottontail Originals, Inc., a women and children’s apparel manufacturer based in Stillwater. I was responsible for our company’s software development, Windows and Linux servers, support, networking, phone systems, product photography, large format printing, laser cutting, and just about everything else technology-related.

After the company closed in 2007, I went to work for a high school friend as an embedded software engineer, developing mesh networking firmware for custom wireless applications. Later, I worked for an I.T. consulting company as a software engineer developing C# ASP.NET applications.

I’ve always enjoyed teaching/training and especially being able to apply my technical knowledge in non-I.T. related fields.