Colorado 2009

Just got back from an extended three part trip to Lake City, Breckenridge, and Denver, Colorado.

First up was the Lake City trip with friends for the annual Wine & Music Festival.  The weather was a little mixed throughout the festival’s day with everything from sunny blue skies to cold, rainy gray skies.  Most everyone managed to stick it out til the end, but I had to bail for shelter for a few hours during the cold rain.

The rest of the trip was filled with great scenery around Lake City, lots of good food, and a few games of Settlers of Catan and Pictionary.  Thanks goes to Jordan and Scott for knowing all the great spots to visit for photos.  I managed to take a lot more than I had expected, so hopefully a few turn out to be good.  Wish I’d had the bag space to bring along my tripod!

Next up was Breckenridge with my friends Gary and Christine.  We had an awesome condo rental with a great view and spent nearly a full week just shooting.  After that trip, I decided to stay a little longer to visit my cousin Davin, his wife Ana, and their family in Denver.