Cottontail Originals
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That empty room was once home to the Cottontail Originals retail store in downtown Stillwater, Oklahoma.  Cottontail Originals (1985-2007) was a women’s & children’s apparel manufacturer which specialized in upscale, classic apparel made in the U.S.A. and sold to thousands of specialty boutiques and department stores around the United States and other countries.  Although the main business was headquartered from a separate warehouse location in Stillwater, this single downtown store put a real face to the name for our local community and surrounding cities for many years.  It’s now hard to imagine the bright and cheerful store I remember fitting into that little space.  I worked at our warehouse location for a little over 18 years as I.T. Manager, software developer, and the occasional graphic artist or photographer.  But for all those years it was so much more than just a job.  It was truly my home, filled with friends, family and memories that I’ll keep close for the rest of my life.