The Spy 103.5FM
  • Music

Good music airs in OKC. I only wish I’d known about this for the last month since they were reborn in late November as The Spy, KINB 105.3FM. Better late than never. The station is a sort of resurrection of some of the KSPI (including Ferris) I remember from Stillwater, except more condensed goodness. And with his legitimate interest in music, it’s a good recipe. Go figure – a radio station focused on music!? As opposed to, say, “personality” pony shows with mind numbing blends of hip-hop and semi-country chart-choking filler. I don’t really mean to bash those other styles of music, but turning the dial was just exhausting… like squeezing water from a rock.

So the obvious on-the-road choice, lacking radio options, has been custom mixes on CD, or carrying around my library on my iPhone. It’s a reasonable option, but sometimes it’s just exhausting to maintain a fresh playlist. I’ve spent thousands of hours listening to and searching for music online just like anyone else. But some days you just want to sit back, relax, press a button, and let someone else take the wheel. That’s what internet radio has been for me lately (ala, etc). Now it’s nice to have that auto-pilot button in my car – preset #5. The signal on the road is still a bit weak south of the metro since they’re located in Kingfisher, but internet streaming is a nice option indoors.

The Gazette has a nice story on The Spy’s re-emergence.